What is Operation Action U.P.

Operation Action U.P. is unique—it is a privately-funded economic development organization in Michigan, which embraces all types of industries and serves a 15 county area. As a regional leader, it draws members from all corners of the Upper Peninsula, and its basic direction is derived from its members. For over five successful decades, Operation Action U.P. continues to be an independent, responsive and responsible private agency. Economic development does not happen by accident. It needs concerted and consistent efforts. Today, Operation Action U.P. is stronger than ever and is at the forefront of a wide range of economic thrusts oriented towards the betterment of business and jobs in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Operation Action U.P. brings together interested industrial corporations, financial institutions, utilities, institutions of higher learning, businesses, and concerned citizens in a coalition that will work to create a favorable economic climate and a strong employment base for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.