Mission of Operation Action U.P.


Bring together interested industrial corporations, financial institutions, utilities, institutions of higher learning, businesses and concerned citizens in a coalition that will work to create a favorable economic climate and a strong employment base for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This will be accomplished by implementing the following programs of action:

  • Provide leadership in economic development in the Upper Peninsula and maintain programs in industrial recruitment and job creation.
  • Provide positive visibility for U.P. business and industry.
  • Work with existing communities and agencies in the Upper Peninsula.
  • Work with federal, state and local government to ensure the necessary infrastructure is available for industrial expansion.
  • Work with the area’s educational institutions to ensure there will be an adequate pool of educated and skilled people to meet the needs of the region.
  • Nurture the growth of the region’s smaller companies by drawing on the resources within the membership of Operation Action U.P. to provide technical and professional support.
  • Develop networking opportunities among members to enhance their ability to work together on matters of mutual interest.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of economic and political issues that affect the region.
  • Maintain contact with key federal, state and local officials from the region.
  • Keep members informed on legislative issues that will affect the economic well-being of the area.
  • Establish appropriate committees among the members to study and review issues and concerns, and communicate their findings to the members of the organization.
  • Adopt positions on significant legislation or regulatory issues and communicate Operation Action’s position to appropriate parties.

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