Advanced Blending Solutions is a world class designer and supplier of material handling, blending, and controls for the plastics industry. With representatives throughout the country and the world, ABS is a fast-growing company committed to providing the best products and services to meet their customers’ unique needs.

ABS offers high-end gravimetric continuous blenders, extrusion throughput control weigh hoppers, vacuum and pressure pumps for material convey, dust collectors, gaylord box tippers, smart stands to control material distribution, a fully integrated controls system, resin wands, knife gates, static eliminators, flexible and wye-line diverters, angel hair traps, magnet drawers, Moretto dryers, LIAD low-throughput feeders, and custom equipment.

ABS can supply an entirely new system or add individual products to an existing extrusion line.

Advanced Blending Solutions Spotlight video