2001 Excellence Award Winners


Besse Forest Products | Gladstone, MI

It would be impossible to give a brief history of Besse Forest Products Group Companies, without mentioning the founder, John Besse. Born into a lumbering family, his father owned and operated a hardwood sawmill. He pursued a degree in forestry while working in his father’s sawmill, and went on to […]

Michigan Limestone Operations | Rogers City, MI

Michigan Limestone originated in 1912 with the opening of the Calcite Plant located on northern Lake Huron in the northwest lower peninsula of Michigan near Rogers City by the United States Steel Corporation. Another plant opened by the Inland Steel Corporation in 1920 for the same purpose, was the Port […]

Nelson Paint Company / Nelson Technologies | Kingsford, MI

Nelson Paint Company/Nelson Technologies- The Nelson Paint Company was founded in 1940 by Charles and Evan Nelson and has been a family operated business for over 60 years. Nelson Paint is world renowned for making top quality paintballs. Great pride is put into manufacturing premium products and being a leader […]

White Pine Industrial Park | White Pine, MI

For 45 years, the White Pine Mine was the major source of employment and economic stability in the Western UP. In it’s heyday, the mine employed over 2,000 people in it’s various operations. When they could no longer afford to operate, because the cost of production and the market price […]