2007 Excellence Award Winners


Jilbert’s Dairy, Inc. | Marquette, MI

Jilbert’s Dairy has been in business since 1937. They are Upper Michigan’s very own dairy operation that processes and distributes quality milk, ice cream products, and a wide variety of institutional food products. The original plant was located on the Jilbert farm in Lake Linden, Michigan. In 1955, the operation […]

ONLINE Engineering, Inc. | Manistique, MI

ONLINE Engineering Incorporated has over 25 years experience in the design and fabrication of production systems for the prepared culture media industry. Today, their products span the globe and are used by virtually all major producers of prepared media.  ONLINE’s machines now circle the world from the USA, Canada and […]

REL Machine | Calumet, MI

REL Machine, located in Calumet, Michigan, began operations in the 1990’s as a 3-employee machining job shop for local customers.  However, the company had wider visions of growth and, in 2000, began to transform itself into a high tech research and development company.  In 2003, REL expanded its research and […]

Stewart Manufacturing | Hermansville, MI

Stewart Manufacturing was started in January, 2003 by its owner and President, Greg Stewart.  The business consisted of low volume job shop type work for heavy crane industry and power generation group.  Upon completion of its first year, Stewart Manufacturing posted annual sales of 2.4 million dollars and had employed […]