2009 Excellence Award Winner

Creative Composites | Rapid River, MI


Creative Composites is a small business located in Rapid River, MI that designs, develops, engineers & manufactures structures and armor using advanced composite materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar & ballistic fiberglass. The company strives to advance the state of the art in composite materials and structures, keeping costs low & producing high-quality products.

Creative has many “firsts” to its credit: The first abrasive waterjet machining operation in the U.P. (and still the only company with 5-axis cutting capability), the first successful snowmobile composite front suspension, as well as development of many new and first-ever composite structures for military vehicles.

During a time when manufacturing is struggling in Michigan, Creative Composites has had an exemplary year. Not only have they maintained their current market share, but also expanded and hired new highly skilled employees, taking their employment numbers from 10 to 35 as of December 2009. Creative Composites believes increasing manufacturing operations needs to be the focus to improving the vitality of the regional economy.