2001 Excellence Award Winner

Nelson Paint Company / Nelson Technologies | Kingsford, MI

Nelson Paint-Nelson Technology

Nelson Paint Company/Nelson Technologies- The Nelson Paint Company was founded in 1940 by Charles and Evan Nelson and has been a family operated business for over 60 years. Nelson Paint is world renowned for making top quality paintballs. Great pride is put into manufacturing premium products and being a leader in the industry.

The Nelson Paint Company originally served the forestry market. Faced with the challenge of marking trees in hard to reach places, Charles Nelson invented a paint pellet that could be shot out of a gun. Hence, the birth of the paintball! In 1996, they began their paintball manufacturing operation. They were one of the first companies to enter the softgel manufacturing business. Paintballs have since taken on a life of their own. The first survival games were held in the early 80’s and the sport is continues to grow.

The Nelson family holds great pride in the fact that they invented the first paintball. ┬áThis fact has not stopped them from continual improvement. ┬áNelson’s high quality production team strives to make the best paintballs with state of the art equipment, materials, and technology. Today they have 50+ employees, six paintball machines and produce approximately 900 million paintballs per year.