2023 Award of Excellence Winners

Guide Star

Guide Star is a division of CCI Systems, based out of Iron Mountain, Michigan. Specializing in virtual service-based IT and cybersecurity, Guide Star prides itself on being technology-agnostic, ensuring tailored solutions that meticulously analyze existing infrastructure while recommending enhancements to bolster systems and fortify data security. Guide Star is dedicated to investing in the communities it serves, engaging with community leaders, supporting technical education for students, and providing insight on cybersecurity topics for community members. Guide Star believes that the people we need to grow the future of our business is right here at home and are committed to developing that pipeline for the future. Whether amplifying an existing cyber program or spearheading the implementation of a new one, Guide Star is your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of technology solutions. For additional information, please visit guide-star.com, contact us at (800) 684-2115, or reach out via email at sales@guide-star.com.

Kubick Aviation Services

Orbion Space Technology

Orbion Space Technology builds engines that satellites use to maneuver in space.  Orbion’s flagship product, called Aurora, is a small thruster that uses xenon plasma to create efficient propulsion for satellites that are about the size of a kitchen dishwasher.  Orbion designs and manufactures all of the propulsion system components in their two Houghton, Michigan locations.  Orbion was founded in 2016 and now employs a staff of over 60 full-time employees.  Orbion’s products are widely used by commercial satellite operators as well as government defense agencies.

LP Building Solutions – Sagola

For over 50 years, Louisiana-Pacific has been a leading provider of high-performance building solutions that meet the demands of builders, remodelers, and homeowners worldwide. Serving the new home construction, repair and remodeling, and outdoor structures markets, LP has leveraged its expertise to become an industry leader known for innovation, quality, reliability, and sustainability. LP is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and operates 23 manufacturing facilities across North and South America. LP’s Sagola facility was built in 1987 as an oriented strand board mill, producing its first board in 1988. After nearly 35 years in operation, LP announced that its Sagola mill would be converted to manufacture the company’s flagship home siding product, SmartSide, which is one of the fastest-growing siding brands in America. The project added 134,000 square feet and $84 million in new machinery and equipment to the facility. The investment not only provided stability for LP team members but also created additional employment for local contractors and suppliers in the community. Today, LP Sagola employs over 170 team members from four surrounding counties. Supporting communities where LP has operations is a critical part of who this company is and how they work. LP is well known for providing funding, resources, and volunteers for causes aligned with its missions and values, focusing on three key pillars: economic prosperity, fostering future talent, and community involvement and support. Over its 35 years, LP Sagola has donated tens of thousands of dollars to local public schools and nonprofits – most recently to Iron County Cancer Unit and Dickinson Cancer Loan Closet. To foster future talent, the facility participates in Woodland Elementary School’s annual STEM Night, introducing young students to the wonderful world of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Beyond its community involvement, LP also priorities environmental stewardship. The company responsibly manages its environmental footprint from product innovation and sourcing to manufacturing. Its efficiently made, responsibly sourced, and carbon-negative products help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and absorb carbon from the environment. LP Sagola also provides local farmers with wood ash residuals, a byproduct of its manufacturing process, which provides nutrients for healthy crops.
2023 Annual Report