Blackrocks Brewery

In 2010, David and Andy were looking down the barrel of economic downsizing in their industry. Looking at it as an opportunity instead of a problem, the two set out to take their basement hobby to a new level. The dream of all homebrewers; to go “legit” and open a commercial brewery, presented itself as a once in a lifetime opportunity. The two agreed upon a Nano Brewery (1 BBL brew house). Although they were hopeful it would be well received, they had no idea the amount of interest the locals had for craft beers. Along the way they found and hired on some awesome people to bring the brewery altogether. Blackrocks still brews on the original 1 BBL system along with the 3 BBL pub system and 20 BBL production system. Two key ideas fuel Blackrocks on a day-to-day basis: Always make the best beer possible, and always have fun while doing it.

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Lester Detterbeck Enterprises

Lester Detterbeck Enterprises is a family owned business which specializes in the design and production of special cutting tools, cams, tool holders, and replacement parts for precision products industries. Products constructed with the use of the tooling produced in Iron River have applications in the fire prevention, automotive, aerospace industries, and military. Tooling made by Lester Detterbeck Enterprises has been used to produce a host of consumer products, ranging from parts for can openers to chainsaws, from faucets to handheld power tools, to name a few. LDE provides tooling to customers throughout the United States and internationally.

The Detterbeck family has been in the precision machining industry for over 115 years, with operations based in Chicago and Iron River.  Lester Detterbeck Enterprises reopened a plant in Iron River in 1973, having had their first Michigan facility in the Iron River area during World War II. Lester Detterbeck Enterprises fully moved their entire manufacturing operation to the Upper Peninsula in 1991.


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Marketing Department Inc

Marketing Department Inc is a full-service agency with a focus on B2B sales growth and brand strategy. While majority of the agency’s clients are in advanced manufacturing and tech, they have worked with over 250 Upper Peninsula organizations in the past 10 years.

The agency’s team is comprised of highly experienced professionals, most of whom have over 20 years experience in their marketing disciplines. Together they work closely with their clients to increase sales, elevate brands, develop strategy, improve public relations, and energize corporate culture.

The team is also very passionate about the Upper Peninsula region and view it as the world’s greatest place to live and work. In return, they have become very philanthropic with their time and talents, contributing to economic development projects that promote the region.

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Upper Peninsula Power Company

Upper Peninsula Power Company has a long-standing history of serving residential and business customers. UPPCO’s roots trace back to 1884 through Peninsula Electric Light and Power that was based in the Keweenaw.

UPPCO recently returned to operating as a standalone, U.P. based utility and has become fully independent as of February 2017. Today, Upper Peninsula Power Company serves 52,000 customers in ten U.P. counties utilizing seven renewable energy hydroelectric power plants. From renewable energy to the high-tech electronics of today, UPPCO has proudly been providing reliable electric service for 134 years!

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The Thomas Theatre Group was founded in 1922 by Martin Dawe Thomas. At the time, he managed more than 20 theatres for FOX across Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. His vision for Thomas Theatre Group was to bring the most modern theatres for local entertainment to the region. He did so by opening/purchasing and operating theatres in Houghton (Lode), Laurium (Peoples), Iron Mountain (Capitol, Colonial, Braumart), Menominee (Lloyd), Ironwood (Cloverland, Morgan, Rialto, Ironwood), Calumet (Calumet), Hancock (Kerredge, Orpheum) and Fond du Lac (Garrick, Bijou, Orpheum).  In 1936, the family business was passed on to Martin’s daughter, Elizabeth Thomas. She and her husband, Thomas Renn, operated the business from 1945-1979.  Elizabeth’s daughter and son-in-law, Kristina and James Andes, took over the business operations in 1979. As industry technologies rapidly changed in the 1990s, Thomas Theatre Group – in fulfilling Martin’s vision – kept up. In the fall of 1994, James and Kristina built two 8-screen movie complexes in Escanaba (Willow Creek), Michigan and Quinnesec (Tri-City), Michigan. Any remaining Thomas Theatre Group theatres across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan were either sold or closed.  In 2014, Thomas and Valarie added a chapter to the history and tradition of what Martin Dawe Thomas created – a state-of-the-art multiplex in Marquette, Michigan.

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Since 1994 this Gladstone-based business has created a cohesive team focused on serving their customer’s needs while training and cross training employees in the latest technologies.  By installing their own powder coating line, Nor-Fab Enterprises now holds the ability to expedite deliveries and improve the quality in painting products: both of which are customer-focused necessities.  An additional milestone in the business’ history was becoming ISO certified in 2008.  With this certification, Nor-Fab was then able to capture production work, as well as upgrade equipment and hire workforce.  This business’ secret for success is simple. As the company states, “In today’s manufacturing world more demands are placed on employees than ever before.  Our main strength is a corporate culture whereby people are valued first as human beings.”

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Biogenic Reagents

Biogenic Reagents (“BR”) is a developer and producer of patented high-value carbon products made from renewable woody biomass.  BR’s specialty products include activated carbon for use in water purification and emissions control, high-purity metallurgical carbon for use in specialty metals production, and agricultural carbon used to improve crop production.  BR has developed and patented a least-cost and environmentally superior platform for production of its high purity carbon products that outperform competitors.   The company’s headquarters and laboratories are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the company operates its flagship commercial production facility–Michigan Renewable Carbon–located in Gwinn, Michigan which is the largest advanced bio-carbon production facility in North America and produces products that purify air and water and help grow food for millions of people.

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Lindberg and sons

A. Lindberg & Sons, Inc. is a construction company that has been producing quality products and services for almost 100 years. Other than it’s reputation as a quality road and bridge builder in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, AL&S has continued to expand it’s expertise. This includes all types of heavy construction associated with the area’s mining, papery and forest industries, as well as all types of utility construction associated with the continued development of the region.

AL&S also operates various quarries and gravel pits which produce high quality aggregates used not only for their own construction projects, but are also available to other area contractors, businesses, and to the public. Any needed sand material (such as manufactured sand and topsoil), aggregates and various stone can be mined and produced by Lindberg’s experienced rock crushing operators.

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Superior Fabrication Company LLC moved from Grand Ledge, Michigan to Kincheloe in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in 1979. Here we have created a world-class manufacturing facility, complete with design, engineering and customer service support.

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Peninsula Fiber Network is a full service provider of wholesale transport and next generation IP solutions including “High Volume Core Internet” Service and Ethernet Transport Circuits. PFN is a privately-held company owned by two independent UP based telecommunication companies-Hiawatha Communications Inc. and Baraga Telephone Company.

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L’Anse Manufacturing was established over 30 years ago with just a few employees providing manual machining services to the investment casting industry. The founder built a reputation for quality, customer service, and on-time delivery. That legacy remains with L’Anse Manufacturing today.

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The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is a privately owned company based in Menominee, Michigan.  For over 50 years, Enstrom has been dedicated to the design, production, and support of light piston-powered and turbine-powered helicopters.

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