2002 Excellence Award Winner

Pettibone/Traverse Lift, LLC | Baraga, MI

Pettibone Traverse Lift

Pettibone/Traverse Lift, LLC has been in business for over 50 years manufacturing a variety of versatile, material handling equipment. Product lines include the CaryLift, which is ideal for handling steel pipes, logs, poles, lumber, scrap and other heavy loads. The company also manufactures railroad maintenance equipment and telescoping boom rough terrain forklifts.

Pettibone recently began a company-wide shift in philosophy from price reduction to building the best performing, most reliable high-quality machines. Their goal is to make a high-quality product that saves the customer money in the long run by eliminating the need for expensive repairs and reducing the need for replacement parts early in its product life.

Pettibone/Traverse Lift, LLC, under the direction of Kevin Walsh, has made improvements by focusing on lean manufacturing and eliminating waste. They have been so pleased with the changes in their bottom line, that they have been vocal advocates of continuous improvement principles to their own suppliers as well. Walsh’s vision for continuous improvement continues to evolve and flow into other areas of the business. With an uncertain economic climate in an industry plagued by over-capacity, Pettibone continues to look for and address improvement opportunities. Their desire to share these lessons with their suppliers and translate them into shared cost savings for their customers has made Pettibone and industry leader.

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